Our client approached us for a website renovation project. The website is an online resource for verifying statements made by bloggers, news websites and politicians. Our client wanted to renovate the website because its back-end code used older versions of Django and Python that were no longer supported. The website also had no documentation for developers and no process in place for helping content reach wider audiences.


When we evaluated the website, we found that the website’s staging and production environments used differing versions of Django and Python. In addition, the website lacked the infrastructure necessary for code development and testing. Lacking a consistent code base and development process, their developers and content creators found the development, maintenance and support of the website overly cumbersome and inefficient.


During our examination of their website we found the website required a major codebase overhaul. We began the project by upgrading all old and unsupported software. With a new, unified code base, we were then able to build new development, staging, testing and production environments.

Our next task was to create a new process that would streamline the website’s future development. We created comprehensive documentation outlining the features and functions of the new code base. We also outlined the necessary steps in migrating code from the development, staging and testing environments to the production environment. In essence, our documentation became the playbook to help them navigate through any possible change that they might seek to make in the future.

We also upgraded the website to take advantage of technological developments that have emerged since it had been originally launched. We installed tools for streamlining the website’s development process, improving the user experience and increasing performance.


In renovating the website, TA Digital succeeded in building a modernized development environment and a faster, more stable website capable of providing the experience that modern web users expect. The results of the project speak for themselves:

  • Our upgrades reached the production website in only a few weeks — with no disruption to end users
  • Pylint’s code analysis algorithm reported a code improvement of 40 percent
  • The speed of the website improved by 15-20 percent
  • Their developers now have consistent development, staging, testing and production environments – and a detailed playbook for managing the environments and integrating new code
  • The website now has testing assets that it can reuse for future projects

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