Our client is a corporation that produces telepresence, video conferencing, and collaboration technology. They came to us with a needed for a robust solution for maintaining a large volume of content. They also needed a new workflow capable of deploying changes to their website much more quickly.


Online businesses use content marketing to capture search engine traffic and generate leads. However, capturing search engine traffic requires quickly publishing articles on time-sensitive topics. To generate the most leads from content marketing, the information given in articles must be relevant and complete. Maintaining an existing library of content is a cumbersome manual process that often results in errors.

  • Our client required an experienced team of content writers to work with its existing content contributors and owners.
  • The writer team would need the ability to write using language that connects with customers, writing persuasively and understanding the terms and technology associated with the industry.
  • Our client required a process for content updates and modifications that would allow updated content to reach the website quickly, without errors, and at any time of the day.


TA Digital’s top priority for our client was to select a team of experienced and flexible writers with the ability to adapt quickly to a content management process still in development. We specifically looked for writers who understood the best practices of ongoing website maintenance and could suggest potential improvements as the process continued to evolve.

  • Our team interviewed our client’s primary decision-makers to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s existing content management process and identify its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Following the discovery phase, we developed the framework for an improved content management process.
  • We assembled a team of writers based on their understanding of our client’s technology, meet deadlines, and work with a high degree of accuracy. We developed a process for creating or modifying.
  • We implemented a new content management process that immediately began to show results. We collected data on the results to serve as KPIs for future improvement, and collected data on SLAs, turnaround times, accuracy rate and other metrics.
  • Following several weeks of data collection, we launched an initiative to improve the baseline metrics that we had observed and communicated with our client each week to report on progress and ensure a consistent accuracy rate.


  • Our client now has a healthy and robust content maintenance process that allows them to implement website changes quickly and accurately.
  • Our client’s SEO and analytics statistics show consistent, measurable improvement in website performance and client engagement.
  • Internal content owners proactively monitor the content modification ticketing system to balance the workload and prioritize the most important tasks.
  • TA Digital continues to manage our client’s website and content. In our ongoing engagement with them, we have adhered to all SLAs and maintained a high degree of accuracy.

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