This client wanted to restructure its website and achieve new functionality through content restructuring, site expansion, visual redesign, powerful search capabilities and web analytics. Because the legacy CMS was unable to achieve these goals, the client turned to Sitecore for its out-of-the-box features, scalability, multilingual capabilities and fast development cycle.


TA Digital leveraged Sitecore’s role-based workflows to ensure web content receives appropriate reviews and approvals prior to publishing on the live site. Our team created content elements using Sitecore templates, allowing authors to reuse content across multiple websites. We also used the cloning feature to create dynamic duplicates of items, enabling greater flexibility.


We rolled out 13 country-specific sites and all sites are now managed within Sitecore. Today, our client uses customized analytics (by business division) to provide crucial insights, and integration with social media tools that are keeping visitors informed and driving more traffic to the site, with more than 30,000 new visitors per week.

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