Our client is recognized as one of the leading innovators and disruptors in the construction industry. They empower their team to be leaders and constantly look for ways to increase efficiencies and cut costs.

They needed to enhance their digital brand value, increase internal efficiencies, and upgrade legacy systems to provide their team with a solution that would help grow their sales. They desired to enhance their digital brand and drive higher cross-channel customer engagement to increase organic traffic and generate more leads. They also wanted to provide a better user experience to their team.

One of the biggest challenges was to deliver this project within the predefined brand launch date and getting everything aligned to meet the timelines


In 33 days, our team helped our client redesign their primary website.  Our goal was to create a beautiful responsive website to help them grow organic traffic, increase customer engagement, and maximize conversions by seamlessly showcasing their services, products, and projects.

We also built their catalog site so their customers can easily browse through their product line, and internal users can create and share catalogs with their customers.

Our Adobe Experience Manager team implemented the sites on Adobe Experience Manager (Adobe Experience Manager) 6.2, integrated Arena PIM, Solr, mailchimp, and BrightCove. We later upgraded their site too (Adobe Experience Manager) 6.3.


TA Digital completed the redesign and restructured our client’s multi-channel responsive website and PIM Integration in 33 days. We helped them enhance their brand identity, value, and increased brand awareness of their products and services. We created powerful brand assets that decrease their time to market and increase sales engagement. Also, we helped them increase efficiencies through a flexible plug and play templates and components.

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