The requirements of the new portal were many. It needed to display personalized content for each partner based on region and partner type. It also needed to offer strict access control, use intuitive content-entry templates, avoid content duplication and provide an extensible Single Sign-on (SSO) service—all using the same public URL for the partner site.


TA Digital built the entire solution using Microsoft.NET platform without any additional software, and we developed role-based rendering controls to display content based on roles and permissions. Our team also created TeamSite Publisher templates for each page type so that the content editor could enter content and assign permissions at the component level.


With the new system, users can now upload various documents, product alerts, presentations, promotional materials and launch kits to be appropriately displayed on the portal. Today, our client is enjoying increased visitor counts, higher page views, faster publishing times and content management without the help of IT. Best yet, the portal was completed with no extra software costs.

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