SVP Worldwide Case Study – AWS Implementation

Read our case study to learn how our team migrated the complete back-end of Singer and mysewnet for SVP Worldwide to AWS, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience and meeting the demands of their rapidly growing online business!


SVP Worldwide was looking to migrate its existing ecommerce platform to an advanced headless platform. The business expected that the demand for their products would grow quickly and would spike during sales and other promotional events. Some of the major challenges faced by SVP Worldwide include:

  • Site performance lags during sales and promotional events.
  • The need for an advanced headless, scalable ecommerce platform to migrate the existing ecommerce platform.
  • The online business growth demanded high availability.


TA Digital hosted SVP’s complete ecommerce back-end for Singer and mysewnet on AWS to provide a highly scalable, highly available, and self-healing architecture. The wide array of services and ease of use that AWS provides made it a perfect fit for SVP’s new ecommerce platform implementation. Our solution included:

  • Scale demand and auto scaling achieved using ECS instances.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Load balancing with multi AZ implementation.
  • Automated application builds.
  • Build artifact and deployment management.


Hosting SVP’s complete ecommerce backend for Singer and mysewnet on AWS has increased the website performance 25% year-over-year and 40% during peak shopping days. AWS has also provided an end-to-end secure environment and zero downtime deployments with the high availability of websites need to meet the growing demands of the online business.

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