Our client was looking to migrate their Sales Portal from SAVO, a sales enablement platform, to Adobe Experience Manager, along with enhancing the user experience by placing the Sales Portal under an existing internal application which was projected to increase the footfall in both the applications. Furthermore, they already had the other application on AEM and wanted to use the same components as part of the newly migrated Sales Portal. By taking this approach, they expected to reduce the annual maintenance cost of their existing application by 600k to 700k annually. The solution TA Digital proposed would not only provide better performance but also enhance user experience ensuring that the user transition impact to the new solution was minimal. Our proposed solution needed to replicate as many features as possible from the existing application.


Using AEM, TA Digital designed and developed all the components and also enhanced the capabilities of default components by customizing them to achieve similar functionalities and features of the legacy sales application. TA Digital successfully replicated the existing components and features of “Comments,” “Likes,” “Blogs,” etc., developed a service to migrate 8000+ assets along with their tag into AEM, and implemented search capabilities for a contextual search for GSA as well as AEM native search which is also tightly coupled with the parent application. Along with providing a technical solution, TA Digital also authored 340 pages and 800+ blogs and mapped the assets and links successfully to ensure seamless migration of the end users to the new system with minimal transition.


The solution we provided our client to migrate their Sales Portal from SAVO to AEM 6.2 has brought not only a visible improvement in performance and functionality but also provides the best user experience for the sales end user, the content contributor, and the administration team. Migration to AEM not only provided our client with the best user experience but also provided a cost-effective platform.

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