To perform the website migration for our client, TA Digital first had to understand the Core Framework. Since the existing framework had standards in place for development, we familiarized ourselves with those standards to ease the process of migrating their websites without breaking existing functionality. Our clients Core Framework is built on MVC, Glass.Mapper, TDS and view renderings. The two websites that our client needed to integrate utilized different technologies for forms, page layouts and sub-layout renderings. We became familiar with the distinct technologies of the Core Framework and the legacy websites to ensure that we could map existing features to the Core Framework technologies or create new solutions if needed.


It was our client’s goal to use as few of those technologies as possible in order to get the full benefit of controlling the websites under the Core Framework.

To migrate our client’s websites to the Core Framework, TA Digital used the Core Framework to create new solutions duplicating the technologies from the existing websites that used different technologies. Since we used the Core Framework to create the new solutions, it became possible for them to use those new solutions across all of its websites.

  • Event Filter: Allows our client to display upcoming events on its websites based on selected rendering parameters. Also allows them to archive events that have passed.
  • Cookie-Based Personalization: Allows our client to show personalized content to users based on query strings, referring URLs and popup responses.
  • Counter Boxes: Allows our client to create more engaging landing pages with large numbers for displaying various data points. Our client uses counter boxes to display information such as the number of exhibiting sponsors that plan to attend the company’s upcoming events.
  • Background Image, Logo Image, and Events Archive Button: We moved these elements from their legacy websites to the new Core Framework-based implementation.

After creating these new technologies for our client, we delivered all of them in a single package complete with release notes and an instruction guide. The single package made it possible for them to implement the new technologies easily. It also enabled their internal development staff to modify the technologies further in the future if needed.


Our client was pleased with our thoroughness in migrating its legacy websites and delivering new technologies in a single package that was easy to install, maintain and modify. Because we documented the new technologies thoroughly, we eliminated any challenges that our client’s development staff might have encountered in working with solutions developed by an outside vendor.

Migrating their legacy websites to the Core Framework had great benefits for the legacy websites and for the existing websites using the framework. The migration made it possible for the legacy websites to use the features of the Core Framework. In addition, other sites on the framework could use the technologies that we developed as part of the migration.

In migrating our client’s legacy websites to the Core Framework, we eliminated the code and features that were made redundant by the framework. In doing so, we eliminated their need to maintain the redundant code and reduced the company’s future IT expenses.

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