Our client was looking to migrate from CQ 5.4 to AEM 6.1 because Adobe was ending their support for the CQ platform. A major challenge was to preserve the consistency in the existing assets as well as improve the overall authoring experience on the website. An additional requirement was the integration with AEM’s Clay Tablet Connector to automate the content transmission for all the translation needs.


Our client chose to upgrade to AEM 6.1 because of its flexibility and integrated content management application, as well as our client’s requirement for a better authoring experience. We upgraded our client’s CQ 5.4 version to AEM 6.1 while seamlessly maintaining content and asset consistency during the migration process.

Next, we removed purge workflows/audit logs to clean system and enhance performance. We performed regular system health checks such as data store garbage collection to create more free space. We also changed the OSGI configurations to resolve the post-upgrade issues.


With our meticulous AEM implementation, our client’s websites are better supported in 29 regions, positioning them for future growth. We also improved the website query performance with the addition of properties that need to be indexed. Finally, improved site performance, content management with better content authoring and translation abilities has led to a better end-user experience.

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