Customer Experience Boost for a Medical Service Provider

Working with a medical services provider who specializes in the sleep and respiratory disorders segment of the medical device industry, TA Digital improved their discoverability and reduced operational costs by designing an improved user experience with Adobe Experience Manager.


Our client observed that a large chunk of its targeted demographic, the elderly, was finding it difficult to locate dealers on its website, resulting in excessive calls to Customer Support and pushing up operational costs. The client wanted to ease the user experience for their customers to eliminate the need to call Customer Support to locate dealers at all.

Our client also wanted the Dealer Locator functionality on its website to tie into its dealer listing, increasing the product range at the dealers. They requested that TA Digital contribute to this initiative’s success to help formulate a more effective marketing strategy.


TA Digital’s team added value to our client’s business by designing a solution on the following fronts:

Tailored User Experience of Dealer Locator functionality

  • Pre-filtering the product when a customer seeks to find a dealer with clear call-to-action buttons on the page keeping the targeted demographic in mind.
  • Zip-code/city/state driven search with special care to ensure that no unavailable products which may distract from the customer show.
  • Maps with clear geo-tags and CTAs to get in touch with the dealer.
  • Easy-to-spot product filter buttons, reduced icons on the screen.

Customization in Marketing Channels

  • CTA links to Dealer Locator page from marketing channels with pre-filters were customized by TA Digital to enhance customers’ product search and to improve the conversion rate.

Dealer List which encourages fair competition and discoverability

  • TA Digital created a Dealer List page that served twin purposes – dealer discoverability by customers and increasing the product range available at these dealers by encouraging competition among them.


TA Digital supported ResMed by designing a user experience for their customers that fit their needs and aligned with ResMed’s marketing strategy, changing how ResMed interacts with its customers.

The solution provided:

  • A Dealer Locator functionality integrated with Maps to hasten the purchase process.
  • Improved user experience for the target demographic.
  • Reduced operational cost due to less reliance on Customer Support.
  • Dealer listing aligned with the marketing strategy of increasing the product range at dealerships.

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