Marketo Audit for Fortune 500 Company

A Fortune 500 company in manufacturing had an actively used Marketo instance with over 20 users globally but could not use the instance effectively and was incurring unnecessary subscription costs to maintain it. As a result, they asked TA Digital to do a technical audit of their Marketo instance and provide a written assessment of its current state as compared to best practices.


Due to business constraints, the client did not have a dedicated administrator to manage the instance after implementation leading to each user setting up their own lists, content, and programs individually, with no guidelines or processes. This resulted in significant inconsistencies across the Workspaces, Marketing Activities, Design Studio, People database, and Reports in the instance. Continual growth in users and the increasing importance of mobile-friendliness made the initial configuration and templates, difficult to use.

Because effective lead scoring and data hygiene policies were not in place, the contact database contained low-quality records not syncing with the CRM.

As the client defined their technology stack and developed their digital strategy, they realized their need for a thorough assessment of the Marketo instance’s current state and recommendations for improvement. They also wanted to understand how the instance was integrated with the CRM and CMS, and what could be done to improve that integration.

The audit required a significant degree of thoroughness and knowledge of best practices, in addition to the commitment to an objective cross-platform perspective and an understanding of the client’s business goals.


The client needed a written report, with findings and recommendations for the reconfiguration of the instance. To accomplish this, TA Digital deployed a team of experts, including a Marketo Champion, a project manager with domain expertise, and a technical writer to deliver the best possible audit result for the client.

Frequent interviews and pre-scheduled meetings with the client assured that the audit aligned with both immediate pain points and long-term goals provided by the customer. To further enhance results, the technical writer and project manager ensured that the language was relevant to both technical and executive readers, making the audit report useful to a broad audience.


In order to provide the client with a comprehensive guide and set them up for future success, TA Digital produced a 50+ page report, covering the following 13 aspects of Marketo and the 3 related systems with which it was integrated:

  1. Marketo

1.1. Data hygiene

1.2. Data management and related programs

1.3. Lead scoring, lifecycle and nurture

1.4. Design studio

1.5. Campaigns and related programs

1.6. Security and administration

1.7. Third-party integrations

1.8. CMS/ website integrations

1.9. Reporting and analytics

1.10. Custom/ advanced objects audit

  1. integration
  2. Sitecore CMS-Marketo integration
  3. MSIGHTS-Marketo integration


The Executive Summary contained a 5-page description of the most critical findings and action items, for easy reference. The in-depth portion of the audit contained extensive statistics, charts and best practices recommendations.

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