Manipal ProLearn, a division of Manipal Global Education Services, needed a new digital commerce platform to enhance the user experience, track customer actions, and have the ability to accept monthly payments. TA Digital implemented a custom Drupal solution along with third party support to give ProLean a 360 view of their students while providing the students much needed payment options.


To achieve Manipal ProLearn’s goals, we would need to complete three tasks:

  • Implement real-time analytics to track the actions of visiting users.
  • Add custom code to the Drupal Commerce engine to make it more user friendly and encourage visitors to enroll in courses.
  • Create a system allowing students to pay for courses in monthly installments to remove high cost as an obstacle to conversion.


TA Digital implemented the third-party tracking solution WebEngage on the Manipal ProLearn website. WebEngage tracks all user activities in real time and generates visualizations for easy analysis. We also implemented customer feedback forms and surveys and tracked the following events: courses added to shopping cart, courses searched, submissions of lead capture forms, and the details of potential students who left the website without completing the checkout process.

Our team implemented support for CashCare, a third-party loan provider that allows buyers to apply for credit and pay for online purchases in monthly installments, removing the obstacle of needing to pay the full cost up front.

Lastly, we added custom code to enhance Drupal Commerce. Our enhancements improved the user experience by implementing systems allowing students to select from different classroom environments and tailor the educational experience to their needs.


Following the implementation of the new installment-based payment system, user experience enhancements for Drupal Commerce, and integration of WebEngage for activity tracking, Manipal ProLearn experienced substantial business growth and greatly increased enrollment totals.

Integrating WebEngage has allowed Manipal ProLearn to track the activities of individual students and create profiles summarizing students’ interests. They also gathered additional student feedback by implementing forms and surveys, enabling them to select new course offerings and adjust their existing offerings to better serve the interests of their students.

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