Because our client manages many properties with a variety of different amenities, implementing Google Maps – and maintaining acceptable performance for users – was a more complex process than it is for many websites because of the sheer amount of data involved. The fact that Google Maps needed to pull search results from Adobe Search and Promote added additional complexity to the problem of maintaining an acceptable level of performance.


Based on our clients stated needs, we concluded that Adobe Experience Manager would be the ideal content management system with which to create the desired user experience. Adobe Experience Manager:

  • Allows website owners to manage multiple websites and create experiences for desktop users, mobile device users and digital kiosks − from a single management platform
  • Allows our client to track and segment its audience for the delivery of personalized, adaptable content
  • Allows for the creation of a more powerful property search that filters results based on multiple criteria including location and amenities offered


Following our improvements, our client now enjoys vastly improved performance and searching capabilities on its websites. Our embedded Google Maps application allows our clients to choose their desired property amenities and see the exact locations of matching properties on a map. Our clients now enjoy a greatly streamlined experience when adding, modifying and removing website content.

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