An American sports league wanted to deliver a consistent user experience and improve content delivery to service daily high traffic volumes during real-time activities and seasonal events. Of particular concern was the site’s performance during the annual player draft which involves content-creation activity, 24/7. The client was also conscious of losing revenue from its online store.


After conducting extensive audits of the client’s MediaBin and TeamSite environments to analyze existing architecture and implementation, we performed detailed system load and workflow analysis. Next, we implemented 15 corrective recommendations and 5 software utilities to support the new higher performing configuration. These included configuration and store optimization, database maintenance, security and permissions, and server utilization.


Our extensive audits helped the client to improve memory utilization by more than 50%. The new configuration (arrived at after workflow and process optimization, sub-task automations and improved resource utilization) reduced the client’s storage requirements and reliance on manual file-management. The project demonstrated visible improvement in site performance and content management, leading to better user experience and an extended one-year system support.

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