Leading International Biomedical Product Manufacturing Company

A leading diagnostics and life sciences company approached TA Digital to improve the coding efficiency of their Sitecore website, identify and remove errors/defects, provide an on-time integration of the production environment and implement customized search using Coveo Intelligent Search.

Leading International Biomedical Product Manufacturing Company Case Study

Read our case study to learn how improving the code efficiency of our client’s Sitecore website, including identifying and removing defects for an on-time integration of the production environment, led to a trustig relationship with multiple proceeding projects.


Our client wanted to improve the overall website content management and simplify the authoring experience while providing a seamless customer experience. Some of the major challenges faced by them include:

  • A cumbersome ordering process for the vendors.
  • Lack of customized search.
  • Complex content management and authoring experience.
  • Absence of analytics on the website.
  • The website was not GDPR compliant.


TA Digital leveraged the Sitecore and UI/UX experience to suggest the best working designs for the client. We suggested and successfully implemented the below features on multiple websites owned by the client:

  • Sitecore optimization and migration.
  • Developing GDPR compliant website.
  • Implemented Coveo Search for a customized search functionality.
  • An enhanced vendor management process.
  • Smooth authoring experience.


Leveraging Sitecore, UI and UX capabilities, TA Digital implemented a GDPR compliant enhanced website with an intelligent and customized search. With the improved website, our client was able to achieve improved conversions, smooth multi-site integration, enhanced authoring experience, and increased cost savings.
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