Leading Wine Manufacturer

Our client, one of the fastest growing wine companies in the US, wanted to enhance their website, with easier content management capabilities to manage associated websites. With an optimized ADA compliant website hosted on AMS, our client wanted to achieve increased conversions, reduced website abandonment, and improved customer engagement.


Our client wanted to improve the overall website experience for its customers to increase user engagement and conversions. Some of the major challenges faced by them include:

  • Cumbersome content management for multiple associated websites.
  • Low conversion rates.
  • High website abandonment rate.
  • Low customer engagement.
  • Non-ADA compliant websites.


After a thorough technical audit, TA Digital proposed a total overhaul of UX/UI and created reusable components leveraging AEM capabilities which significantly optimized content management. Mobile friendly website ensured higher customer engagement and reduced website abandonment. Our solution included:

  • Enhanced UX, UI, and Information Architecture design.
  • Developing ADA compliant website.
  • Mobile friendly webpages across all associated websites.
  • Enhanced website hosted securely on AMS.
  • Smooth migration to AEM.


Leveraging AEM and AMS capabilities, TA Digital implemented a low-cost, ADA compliant, and mobile responsive website for the client. With the improved website, our client was able to achieve higher customer engagement, reduced website abandonment, increased conversions along with easier content management capabilities.
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