Our client needed an online portal to provide an easy way for staff members to join, view and make changes to their pension enrollments. They needed a solution to display personalized information to employees based on their current enrollment and entitlement status. Our client also needed the online portal to be available on all major devices, with the User Interface (UI) responsively adapting to each device.


After close collaboration with our client to gain a thorough understanding of their requirements, TA Digital developed the online portal and UI, using Adobe CQ 5.5 as the application and content management platform. Next, our team created the application design and finalized all the bundles, templates and components.


The application was tested on more than 20 types of device/browser combinations, including iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, BlackBerry and all major browsers—with outstanding results. Today, our client enjoys an easy-to-use UI with a responsive design, plus an easy way for administrators to change or add content, and the ability to present complex legal information clearly and concisely.

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