Our client was looking to build a quick go-to-market, HIPAA-compliant e-prescription app for physicians and patients. Safeguarding protected health information (PHI) was a major concern in the design of the app, as well as platform stability and performance.


TA Digital proposed the development of a hybrid app over a native one to enable over 90% code-sharing between the browser and mobile applications. We used customized AngularJS framework to offer better code control and code reuse in the initial development phase. We also made all the backend services and databases HIPAA-compliant through proxy servers and SSL-based security for APIs to prevent hacking into the network. To get maximum performance and a frame rate of 60fps, our developers replaced the inefficient code from the frameworks with a better-performing code.


Our agile hybrid approach to mobile development enabled us to quickly create a useful, regulatory-compliant mobile app that met our client’s tight deployment schedule and rigorous technical requirements. Our client experienced a visible improvement in doctor-patient communications; their patients had their health information at their fingertips. This resulted in a higher level of care and patient satisfaction and cost savings to the provider.

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