Our client had multiple web properties for myriad lines of business. The lack of coherence amongst them and the sheer scale of operations made it increasingly complex to scale up. Our team developed a site that helped the client to leverage cross-selling capabilities, respond to market changes more quickly and increase member preference for online enrollment.


Our team implemented a cohesive web property using Sitecore CMS and MVC framework. The site we created allowed various business functions like third-party integrations for enhanced information flow across various systems; uniform presentation of various content in multiple web properties, centralized administration of multiple workspaces within Sitecore, re-usability of existing common items amongst the web property and enablement of cross-selling DMS (Digital Marketing System).


The result was a smooth functioning site where the brand was brought to life. Our team created an enhanced user experience and quicker go-to-market time for various products, the company has been rated #1 in various web categories amongst U.S. insurance companies. We helped our client reduce maintenance costs and efficient content management also allowed marketing spend to be optimized.

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