TA Digital encountered multiple delays while executing our client’s website project. Our client had many stakeholders with input in the project and there was a significant approval process that had to be adhered to before the project could move forward. We also encountered delays with the third-party vendor chosen by our client to create the website’s new user experience comparables. Implementing translations into multiple languages added significant complexity and scope to the project. To ensure that the website relaunch would proceed smoothly, we chose to go live with one language at a time rather than implementing every language simultaneously.


One of the primary goals of our client’s website relaunch was to enhance the search engine optimization of the website’s existing and future content. We gave the website’s content creators the ability to create and embed forms without IT support. We also implemented a feature allowing authors to add meta tags to pages. To help users find information more easily, we added a global website search powered by Apache Lucene. We also implemented the ability to narrow a search by searching within the results of a previous search. For content authors, we implemented the Coveo search platform for Sitecore.

Throughout the website redesign process, we continually tested the website for mobile friendliness, search engine optimization, page loading speed and page authoring experience. We also tested all website components to ensure that they would work with any possible configuration and in any possible combination.

We rolled out the redesigned website according to a phased plan in which one translated language went live at a time. The phased launch allowed us to stagger our launch dates and thoroughly test our client’s website between each launch.


Our client’s website relaunch was a success for authors and users alike. The benefits of our plan included:

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  • A more author-friendly experience that gives content creators the power to add and manipulate website components without IT support
  • A truly mobile-ready website with a responsive design that automatically adapts itself for ideal viewing on any screen size
  • A consistent experience for all users — regardless of the device being used to view the website or the area of the website being viewed
  • A website with clean, well-documented code that’s easier to maintain
  • Advanced full site search capabilities for users and authors
  • Extensive SEO features for improved search engine rankings
  • Drastically improved page loading speeds

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