The client handles the private medical data of millions of patients. Legal compliance was, therefore, our greatest complication when creating the client’s self-service portal. We needed to create a portal that supported full browser encryption to prevent third parties from intercepting transmitted data. We also needed to build a database that could protect patients’ data with best-in-class encryption.

Many of the client’s patients are elderly individuals whose user names and passwords might be easy for hackers to crack. We therefore needed to make the security of the client’s portal as ironclad as possible. Our security solution also needed to protect the portal from the potential of using cross-site scripting to steal password information.


After evaluating the client’s requirements and challenges, we recommended Adobe Experience Manager as the ideal Content Management System to serve as the basis for the client’s self service portal. Our four primary reasons for recommending AEM were:

  • AEM is a proven secure platform with the ability to protect private patient information. Integrating AEM with third-party solutions such as Google CAPTCHA allowed us to add additional security to an already hardened platform.
  • Using AEM, we created a self-service portal that was completely secure and featured a slick, modern user interface that worked well on desktop computers and resembled a native app on mobile devices. The portal proved successful with the client’s patients and reduced the demands placed on the client’s customer service agents. Since our solution greatly reduced the client’s ongoing customer service expenses, it enabled the client to grow and serve a larger client base without risking profitability.
  • Our portal also enhanced the client’s ability to deliver relevant, timely content to its patients. The simple content authoring interface enabled the client’s content creators to write and publish rich and engaging content without involving the client’s internal IT staff. Because the robust interface of AEM also made content management easier, the client’s content maintainers had less difficulty identifying stale content and updating or deleting it.


Our work for the client produced an online portal that was an instant success with the client’s patients and website administrators. The portal achieved the following:

  • Enhanced the look and feel of the client’s website to deliver a more modern online experience to patients
  • Provided the client with an interface that greatly improved content authoring and maintenance
  • Reduced the burden on the client’s in-house customer service staff by giving patients an easy way to find answers to questions about products.

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