Global Marketo Support

A multinational conglomerate that specializes in manufacturing high-tech systems for commercial, individual, and governmental customers set a high-priority initiative to quickly grow the revenue gained by global demand generation campaigns.


Our partnership with this Fortune 500 company required managing the typical complexities of global demand generation in an enterprise:

Shared Instances: Through mergers and acquisitions, separate business units shared the same Marketo instances, creating inconsistencies.

Geographic Variance: Business units had conflicting preferences or unique regulations for email marketing, requiring a global partner able to track lead management, unsubscribes, and CRM/CMS integrations.

Time Zone Distinctions: Stakeholders that needed to work together weren’t located in similar time zones, reducing efficiency.

Users with Diverse Technical Skills: Varying levels of expertise in marketing, requiring a low learning curve and user-friendly processes.

The Piecemeal Initial State of Campaigns: Many of the existing campaigns were highly customized, reducing speed and resulting in a high cost per lead.


TA Digital’s team developed a demand generation support team that gave the manufacturer more power to grow their lead generation efforts with greater efficiency. By applying our knowledge of Marketo’s nuances and the real-world challenges behind managing creative campaigns, we were able to deliver Marketo services that coupled technical skill with process improvements and personal relationships.

We Built a Customer-Focused Experience: TA Digital’s support model provided a friendlier experience for the client’s internal stakeholders than the typical outsourced support, resulting in more users adopting the new processes and best practices. We offer frequent “virtual office hours” so we could better support their efforts and improved training knowledge.

We Improved Quality and Deployment Speed: TA Digital created new Marketo operating standards, working with the client’s leadership to gauge their marketing operations objectives. From there, we implemented customized checklists and quality control procedures reflecting the client’s business processes and priorities. We also supported best-practices improvements to the governance of the Marketo instances, ensuring that the company could easily upgrade past demand generation activities by updating old campaigns with its new branding or technical standards. The client also gained the power to simplify its digital campaign work-flows and shorten deployment cycles for vital Marketo initiatives.


TA Digital took a seemingly insurmountable problem and provided a versatile answer that made it easier for a global Fortune 500 enterprise to deliver targeted lead nurture efforts with greater efficiency and quality. We assessed the processes that dominated the company’s culture and offered personalized Marketo services allowing the client to improve its Marketo processes, without disruption to their existing campaigns.

By working together as one team, we’ve furnished this market giant with the tools and support to continue improving their demand generation performance for years to come. Our expertise in lead generation, Marketo, and related marketing technologies played a direct role in helping a multinational firm capitalize on its marketing intentions with a scalable process. As the firm continues to evolve its demand generation delivery, our teams will provide them with the support they need to grow even further.

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