Before the commencement of the project, their website hosted three legacy partner websites. The legacy websites had differing user interfaces, making information difficult to find and leading to a disjointed user experience. Our client approached us with the goal of creating a new partner website that would contain the combined information of the three legacy websites.

The existing partner websites suffered because:

  • Our clients partners had to visit as many as three different websites to get the information they wanted.
  • The legacy websites had differing navigation systems, content structures and content types. The user experience was inconsistent, and the brand identity of the three websites was weak.
  • The legacy websites weren’t responsive for mobile devices and didn’t meet modern user experience standards.

Client Requirements

  • Design the client partner website according to their internal design guidelines
  • Make the new website responsive for all devices, using the same resolution break points as their primary website
  • Import all of the content from the legacy systems and Customer Information Center websites


One of the primary challenges of completing the website redesign project for our client was the fact that they are a major corporation with a complex structure. The legacy websites each had their own sets of stakeholders, and we had to connect with all of them to collect information and establish the requirements of the new client partner website. We also had to create a logical website structure that would allow users to easily find information formerly available on three separate websites.

The legacy client partner websites utilized fairly old web technology. The websites utilized Classic Active Server Pages — a product that Microsoft last updated in 2000 — for their business logic. Our redesigned website would need to utilize the same software and business logic. In addition, their  partner websites did not run on modern content management systems. We needed to add a page authoring interface to the new partner website’s administrative module.


TA Digital began the project by analyzing the existing client partner websites to learn more about how the existing solution worked and how it satisfied the needs of the business and its partners. We proposed a solution and obtained agreement from all client stakeholders before proceeding. We would continue to communicate frequently with client stakeholders by phone and email during the project. In our communication, we described our progress and received clarification about their content migration requirements.

The new client partner website featured a responsive user interface designed entirely by TA Digital. Before building the new website, we demonstrated our interface for client stakeholders. We showed how the interface would work for users on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Our design had to take their existing business logic into account, meaning that it had to run on Classic ASP. Our interface also had to comply with a set of internal client website design guidelines called DLS.

Once all stakeholders had signed off on our proposed website design, we built the website and completed the process of migrating content and files from the legacy websites. We thoroughly tested the new client partner website and delivered it on time and in accordance with the standards put forth in our contract.


The new client partner website boasts a vastly improved user experience. Regardless of the client subsidiary to which a partner is linked, the partner can find all of the information that it requires on just one website. The website has also improved our clients ability to communicate with its partners. When the website administrator posts or updates content, the website can notify all partners simultaneously.

For partners who rely on the ability to access information from the legacy client partner websites, we’ve made that information easier to find by adopting a new modern interface for the new partner website. Our redesigned interface organizes information in the way that modern Internet users have come to expect, and it works on the wide variety of devices that people now use.

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