Our client’s legacy portal was no longer enough to support in-store business. As a strategic redefinition of retail in-store customer experience and to increase in-store sales, redesigning of their retail channel’s user experience quickly became a top priority for our client.

The new solution was required to be capable of working across the US and enable integration with an extensive ecosystem of partners, services and legacy systems to support all business processes. It came with a timeline of having to be launched within four months.


Our client needed best-in-class commerce technologies and business framework to blend multiple solutions, business requirements and touchpoints into a single, seamless customer experience. TA Digital Inc. suggested the SAP C/4HANA Commerce solution as its platform for growth. Now, our client can easily expand its product catalog and provide feature-rich omni-channel commerce capabilities, increasing site and in-store conversion and freeing up the business to better serve customers with compelling products and promotions.

Our client’s e-commerce platform went live in March 2017. Our team redesigned their in-store customer experience and strengthened their Omni-channel approach. By simplifying the purchasing process and offering an intuitive easy-to-use interface, our client’s sales associates were able to improve customer relationships and obtain a significant increase in the number of transactions.


  • Deployed SAP C/4HANA Commerce REST integration with mPOS in 4 months.
  • Provided real-time inventory check & out-of-stock notifications
  • Improved search and navigation.
  • Delivered client-specific digital marketing.
  • Increased in-store sales associates efficiencies.
  • Improved close ratios.
  • Customer satisfaction increases.
  • Extend the Omni-channel shopping experience into our client’s stores.
  • More Items in their catalog are now available in store.

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