Empowering Global Telecommunications Through AEM Mobile Development

Mexico’s largest provider of telecommunications services needed to improve the way it developed and maintained its web platforms and app offerings. TA Digital leveraged our client’s investment in Adobe AEM to improve the way it implemented consumer experiences via web browsers and smart devices.


Our team identified a number of specific hurdles that were unique to this project, and implement a software and content management tool that could further our client’s operational efficiency, the developers would have to overcome issues like:

  • Providing a Uniform Hybrid Experience for End Users
  • Providing Our Client’s Stakeholders with a Unified Software Lifecycle
  • Mastering AngularJS Framework Integrations and Allowing Component Reuse Between the Website and Apps
  • Customizing the App with Client Branding
  • Understanding the Flow of Execution of Content Update
  • Accessing Our Client’s Services Appropriately for Each Software Implementation
  • Understanding Our Client’s Service Protocols
  • Adhering to DOM Requirements with a Single Controller
  • Accommodating Multiple Stakeholders
  • Providing Custom Functionality with Simplified Code
  • Overcoming Integration Disparities
  • Shaping the Experience Within Aesthetic Constraints


Our team recommended the use of Adobe’s Experience Manager because of the complex realities of this project’s requirements. Based on our prior web and mobile development experience, we quickly realized that using the Adobe ecosystem would make it easier for our client to disseminate content homogeneously via a single codebase and more streamlined publishing roadmaps.

We designed a framework that employed reusable, componentized templates. We also analyzed intricate AngularJS integrations to discern the most effective methods of reusing components. This investigation ensured that we leveraged the benefits of the AngularJS framework in the safest most robust manner possible.


TA Digital built and delivered a unique CMS solution around Adobe Experience Manager that gave our client’s content editors, creative directors, and management staff the power to develop responsive websites and mobile applications as well as improve upon their existing offerings.

Our focus on unifying the website and application development processes resulted in significant advantages. The unified publishing process permitted more coherent branding and a superior experience for end users by allowing website and app content to be updated at multiple points within the same development lifecycle.

This project ultimately established that with the assistance of an experienced developer like TA Digital, Adobe tools can grant large enterprises the power to refine and guide their digital brand presences and retain a significant degree of independent latitude.

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