Our client wanted to redesign their website and migrate from TeamSite to Sitecore, a major challenge was to automate the complete application development lifecycle process in an effortless and error-free way. Our client was also looking to migrate all its services from Windows 2003 to 2012 OS.


Our team introduced the continuous integration practice in TeamCity to allow for an early detection of problems. To reduce the downtime during each scheduled build, we introduced two load balanced production instances to ensure availability of at least one server to serve the websites.

We also proposed Artifactory software to help easy trace and replacement of files during each build. This gave more flexibility as the choice of the build deployment was with the client. It also became easier for the developers to revert to the old builds through a simple click of a button, in the case of any issues.


We automated the complete build process resulting in zero human errors and reduced downtime from 20-30 min to almost nil. Our solution also offered more control over the QA/build process as the choice of the build deployment was left to the client. Tracking and replacing of files changed in the last build session also became much easier.

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