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Being an industry leader, HFF attaches a great deal of importance to providing appropriate investment opportunities to its clients.  A challenge for HFF is keeping the capital markets advisors of various properties informed on the users interested in making a purchase.  To drive success in its campaign efforts, it is critical for HFF to identify the top performing campaigns (and take appropriate action on non-performing campaigns).   Maintaining minimal delay in informing the right people at the right time helps increase conversions.  HFF has also faced difficulties in extracting details on the user journey and user behavior ─ this information is usually a goldmine for any business when identifying the breaking points in the customer journey.


  • Breaking down contribution to conversion from campaigns
  • Being on top of potential leads
  • Keeping the capital markets advisors posted on user interests
  • Identifying conversion fallout
  • Content management based on user behavior


  • We worked closely with the HFF team to implement Adobe Analytics with a goal to capture the required metrics needed to gauge the success of the website.
  • Customized campaign tracking along with marketing channel rules were implemented to ensure that stakeholders understand which campaigns are performing and recognize the contribution of each campaign to each lead. The entire process is being designed and implemented so that it can be stitched together with the user journey/behavior.
  • We have also added custom reporting feasibility to provide a list of users who have shown an interest in their properties.
  • After implementing Adobe Analytics, HFF has the ability to not only identify the traffic by region but also to drill down into each region’s data by campaign at any given time.
  • With Adobe Analytics in place, the HFF team can customize their site based on historical behavior.
  • Personalization can be put in place to help HFF generate more leads and drive higher conversions
  • HFF now has the customized ability to identify the users’ fallout rate and the fallout page(s). They can slice & dice the data based on their need.
  • The key reports can be automated and scheduled using multiple interfaces and delivered as required.
  • Adobe Analytics provides the flexibility to identify the user details in every report.


  • 75% Growth in KPIs
  • 100% Visibility on Campaign Traffic
  • 100% Customizable Scheduled Reports

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