Capella University was alredy hosting its AEM instances, application and content deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. They were looking for an in-house AEM platform to cut costs and have more control over the system to customize and integrate features. Our client also wanted to upgrade to AEM 6.1 to leverage the new capabilities and architectural changes.


Our team set up an in-house AEM platform to reduce time frames for upgrades as well as faster spinning up of new instances with target AEM versions. We followed up the installation of a new AEM instance with the deployment of the application code compatible with the new AEM APIs, and a new configuration. All of our clients content and assets were migrated in a phased manner for a seamless transition.


Capella University’s website performance got a boost after the AEM 6.1 upgrade, Their page download time decreased by 20%- 30%. They also received greater control to integrate the application servers with the enterprise-level tools for enhancing business performance and reducing their costs.

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