Our client had major contact duplication problems because 30% of its users were registered on all the 3 of their websites and each database was siloed. The manual process of filtering unique customers was time-consuming for the marketing team. Additionally, filling out a lengthy registration form for yearly events was a repetitive task for customers, impacting the user experience.


To prevent duplication, our team synced the forms in all three CMS systems with the objects created in The event registration forms from Salesforce were then integrated with each CMS, leading to consolidation of records into one database. We also enabled the ‘Autofill’ feature in the forms, making the registration process easier for regular customers.


Our team helped our client visibly improve their user experience with the implementation of auto-filled forms. By using autofill populating 80% of the forms, the time required to fill out a form reduced from 50 seconds to 25. Our client’s marketing team also benefitted, since all the contacts were now saved directly in, without duplication, streamlining campaign deployment.

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