One of the world’s largest equipment rental companies needed help. It wanted a next-generation web-based application to improve the efficiency of its equipment delivery against customer orders, while also increasing operational productivity. Fortunately, this client turned to a web development expert—TA Digital.


TA Digital extended the product table of ATG to decrease the SKUs drastically and make pricing updates easy. The product table was extended to use special attributes. The user specifies only the attribute ranges at the product level, while any attribute values and pricing entries were entered using separate screens. Now, the user can enter pricing for a single value or a range of values, or upload a pricing table from Excel. Corresponding changes were applied throughout the client system. The order data was transferred to the order management system using user-defined fields.


As a result of this implementation, the customer reduced the number of SKUs from over 1.5 million to under 50,000. This significantly improved the performance of the BCC and made frequent changes to product data possible.

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