The client needed a custom application, which can be integrated with the BoldChat console, so its enrollment councilors can keep track of the prospective students’ course enrollments and key in basic student data. The app should also allow capture of key information via APIs provided by the BoldChat during chats with the students such as operator’s id, chat id, visitor id, etc.


Our client’s enrollment councilors were losing out on their incentives or perks due to the error-prone, manual process of filling in the prospective students’ information. Our team automated this process by creating a responsive UI interface to enable councilors to key in the students’ data.

We also implemented the custom logging functionality to allow logs to be created based on the operator’s id, to keep an easy track of the events in case of any errors. In the absence of an operator id, the logs will be created based on the BoldChat itself on a particular date to narrow the log search. We also provided configurable delete options to allow for deletion of logs after a stipulated number of days.


Our custom app integration with the client’s BoldChat console made their user interface design more responsive. It became much easier for the dev team to track errors as they can go to the log files and check the exact location in the code where an error might have occurred. Data capture also become more accurate, bringing down the instances of the councilors losing out on their incentives.

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