Our client—a global leader in HD video conferencing, voice conferencing and telepresence solutions—wanted to develop an easily manageable, feature-rich website across multiple sites and in multiple languages. Our client also wanted a host of new capabilities including custom xtypes, automated translation, extensive workflow implementation and searches based on specific parameters.


TA Digital provided full development services for the CQ implementation, including the UI development. Our team implemented Adobe Multi Site Manager (MSM) to support content management in various languages and locations and provided blueprints for regional-level control and easier rollout of changes. It also developed custom xtypes to improve the authoring experience.


The new site we built was successfully developed for Internet Explorer 7-10, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on both Windows and Mac platforms—and was launched in all the required locations and languages. Today, our client enjoys more administrative control over regional content, automated translations, improved SEO capabilities, advanced searching and an improved authoring experience.

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