TA Digital helps a multinational biotechnology corporation take its website user and authoring experience to the next level by upgrading its existing Enterprise Content Management Platform to AEM 6.4.


The client was using AEM 6.2 as its content management system for its primary website and other 147 websites. To provide a seamless website experience, the client felt the need to re-design and implement its main website on the latest AEM 6.4 platform and wanted to migrate the other 147 websites to AEM 6.4.

The challenges identified for the client during the discovery and the implementation phase are as follows:

  • Lack of superior customer experience because of slow website performance and unpredictable site behaviors.
  • High development and maintenance efforts due to complicated authoring experience.
  • Un-optimized architecture designs for modals, forms, clientlibs, and ISI functionality resulting in increased lead time, increasing associated development effort and cost.
  • Increased business and security risk due to dependence on the older version.
  • Unavailability of the latest AEM 6.4 features like Style system, template editors and integration capabilities.


TA Digital worked closely with the client team in delivering a seamless migration of AEM from version 6.2 to version 6.4. Our team’s subject matter experts ensured on-time delivery through a well thought out execution plan to account for various considerations such as security, performance, and scalability.

Adobe Experience Manager allows marketers and developers to design, manage, and deliver engaging digital experiences across every channel – web, mobile, social, video, and in-store. It is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. It makes it easy to manage marketing content and assets.

The solution provided by the TA Digital team included:

  • Development of a robust solution architecture for a seamless direct leap to 6.4, saving significant upgrade costs.
  • Improved clientlib architecture improving the website load time.
  • Redesigned forms architecture by creating micro-components to solve the issue of unresponsive pages and provided authors with the flexibility to build forms on the fly.
  • Developed better modal architecture by creating different modal rules and with improved authoring feasibility.
  • Enhanced ISI functionality architecture resulting in better loading.
  • Extensive and easy to use in-context authoring documentation for the end users.
  • Transition from Classic UI to Touch UI workflow editor.
  • Successfully upgraded other 147 websites from AEM 6.2 to 6.4.


60% Reduction

  • Average page load time reduced drastically from 7.6 seconds to 3 seconds – a reduction of 60 percent.

Perfect 100

  • Performance score of 100 on Lighthouse Audit (Previously 71)
  • SEO optimization score of 100 on Lighthouse Audit

Enhanced Performance

  • Improved authoring performance
  • Enhanced website performance
  • Upgraded ease of authoring

6 Days

  • Content migration using CMS bridge in a record duration of 6 days
  • Saved upgrade costs through direct leap from AEM 6.2 to 6.4

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