TA Digital helped a global audio equipment manufacturer drive consistency and efficiency in managing and distributing its global and regional marketing assets using Adobe Experience Manager Assets for their Global Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform.


Our client needed a platform to process, store, share, collaborate, and distribute marketing assets and content. To increase efficiencies and deliver a better customer experience, they needed a robust platform to help their photography, creative, localization, and marketing teams work in their respective application suites without compromising the user experience, while utilizing a single source to host and manage their assets globally.

Our client’s executive team also wanted visibility into their how their assets were being managed, so they needed a proper reporting framework to monitor assets being used globally across various teams.


TA Digital helped our client enhance customer experience, increase engagement, reduce costs, and decrease time to market by creating a centralized asset storage library with asset sharing functionality, and Adobe Assets helped streamline and consolidate how they internally managed their digital assets.

Building their infrastructure on AWS reduce costs, increase security, and scalability, and we created a new responsive portal website to enhance the user experience using Adobe Experience Manager Author and Publish instance.

Our team built a custom InDesign plugin to help their Creative Services Studio team design and share their master assets globally directly from InDesign, and integrated Adobe Analytics with their Global DAM, where executives can pull reports and gain greater insights directly from Adobe Experience Manager.


As a result of the consultation and solution implementations, our client saw an immediate impact in their ability to share and manage global and regional marketing assets.

  • 76% faster Centralized Asset Library
    • Adobe Experience Manager based global asset library
    • S3 upload which is 76% faster than browser upload
    • Hosted using Amazon Web Services
  • Seamless Integration
    • Adobe Experience Manager asset library
    • Workfront Integration with Adobe Experience Manager asset library
    • Single sign-on integration with Okta
  • Unparalleled Insights
    • Custom reports creation with Adobe Analytics integration
    • Ability to view asset reports without logging into Adobe
    • Analytics interface
  • Personalized & Secure Portal
    • Persona and role-based portal that can easily be managed by a business user can securely be accessed by our client’s localization vendors from outside the firewall.

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