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Knowledge Is Power

Our platform-agnostic team of experts can help you contextualize fragmented, siloed sources so you can standardize, structure, and manage your data for activation.

Collaborating with our omnichannel orchestration and automation teams, they give you a clear 360-degree view of your customers without violating compliance regulations.

Leveraging that information, our specialists help you create and deploy the personalized experiences your customers expect and turn visitors into brand loyalists.

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Marketers who use a customer data platform (CDP)
are 2.5 times more likely to significantly outperform
against their organization’s main marketing goal.


of CX leaders are currently
investing in CDPs and 45% in
real-time decision engines.

1 in 4

About 1 in 4 CMOs say they’re worried
about keeping up with digital
technology trends.

What’s the Big Deal About Data?

Data provides the intelligence that drives transformation and digital maturity, letting you connect with customers across your ecosystem.

Surprise and Delight

A “satisfied customer” is no longer good enough. Consumers expect more these days, and data can help you deliver.

Find Out How Data Can Help Win Customer Loyalty

Encourage Engagement

A customer activation strategy can lead one-time customers to make another purchase or lure previous buyers back.

Read More About Why You Need This Strategy in Place ASAP

Understanding Your Customers

Consumers are concerned about their online privacy, but they also expect customized experiences. How you tackle that conundrum may determine the fortunes of your business.

Think Privacy First

In a cookie-less future, you’ll need to understand the keys to personalization in a private world.

Get Our First-Party Data Playbook for Digital Marketing

Go Off the Beaten Path

If you know where to look, you can uncover unmet consumer needs that lead to a breakthrough product or service.

Learn How to Identify Latent Customer Needs

Structuring and Managing Your Data

With hundreds of different technologies available, it's critical for marketers to understand which ones they need and how they all work together.

Connect the Fragmented Data Dots

About one-third of CMOs don't have a proper MarTech strategy in place. A CDP is the ideal data integration and activation tool.

Find Out More About How a CDP Completes Your MarTech Puzzle

Take Action in the Moment

Real-time data can give you marketing agility you might not have thought possible a few years ago.

Learn How to Take Advantage of Real-Time Data

Create a Seamless CX

The end goal of omnichannel solutions is to personalize your company's interactions with its customers. CDPs and artificial intelligence (AI) are the way forward.

Here’s How a CDP Delivers Personalized Omnichannel Experiences

Activating on Your Data

Thanks to new technologies, you can connect with your customers in more ways than ever before. It's critical to understand how to give your data-driven digital marketing strategies an edge.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Data management platforms (DMPs) are driving efforts to integrate marketing, sales and data operations and changing the way businesses use data.

Watch for These Data Activation Trends in 2024

Focus on the Experience

With the right tech in place, you can create marketing strategies that work across all channels to boost customer acquisition and retention.

Learn How to Activate Your Data to Drive Personalized Experiences

Our Approach


We'll help you connect the data dots by bringing all your sources together so you can standardize and better structure your data.


That new structure then allows you to personalize and manage your customers' experience across your digital ecosystem.


But we're not done. Our specialists will work with you to continually improve on the experience in each channel.

Services offered

Data Management

Ensure that ongoing personalizations are targeted at the right segments and customers through data hygiene and governance.

Marketing Automation

Enable new opportunities with fresh (or refreshed!) messaging campaigns, including new tests of content of offers.

Digital Strategy

Provide the experience and frameworks to make seizing those new opportunities easy and successful.


Gain fresh insights that lead to new and more successful campaigns through A/B or multivariate testing.

Experience Design

Create an alternative experience that timely, seamless experiments can prove or falsify.


Turn designs into reality with emails, web experiences and mobile apps ready at the speed of marketing.

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