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TA Digital is a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner. We specialize in delivering complete 360-degree customer experiences via the Sitecore Web Experience Manager Platform to provide you with a powerful, real time, individualized, data-driven customer experience platform. We are focused on helping your marketing team deploy new Sitecore experience platforms, migrate from other platforms, and upgrade your current platform to help you achieve your marketing goals by building a high performance, 360-degree customer-centric experience solution that results in high conversion rates, increased customer satisfaction, and drive sales. Click here to learn more about our Sitecore Practice capabilities.


Creating digital experience frameworks that transform your digital enterprise and produce a return on investment.


Deploying world-class scalable and agile enterprise digital platforms that wow your customers.

Platform Selection

Helping you select the optimal digital experience, commerce, and marketing platform for your enterprise.


Helping you select the optimal digital experience, commerce, and marketing platform for your enterprise.

Sitecore Web Experience Manager

We help you deploy Sitecore Web Experience Manager to give you a robust content management system designed for the next generation of enterprise websites. Sitecore scales effortlessly to manage very large volumes of content. We help you optimize to deliver speedy performance under the heaviest traffic load. Sitecore can handle your content translation needs and automatically serves localized text to visitors around the world. To learn more or talk to a Sitecore MVP click here.

How Does Sitecore Web Experience Manager Benefit Your Organization?

Sitecore Web Experience Manager is one part of a comprehensive suite that includes the Sitecore Experience Database and Sitecore Experience Platform. The components of the Sitecore suite combine to bring you deeper insight about your customers’ needs and behavioral patterns. Sitecore reaches your customers on any channel and delivers personalized content that they love.

Sitecore Web Experience Manager : Features

  • Connects seamlessly to your existing enterprise software
  • Use simulated visits to see Sitecore’s content personalization in action
  • Manages website content with a single SQL database
  • Development API makes website customization a breeze
  • Meets the content and traffic volume demands of the world’s largest corporations
  • Stable, secure platform keeps your data — and your customers’ data — safe

Personalizes Content for Website Visitors in Real Time

Customers don’t want to search through large libraries of website content to find what they’re looking for. To engage website visitors and help them along the path to becoming customers, you need a way to effortlessly deliver the content that your potential customers want.

Sitecore seamlessly delivers personalized website content, images, forms, widgets and more to individual customers, customer segments or buyer personas.

Click here to talk to one of our Sitecore MVP’s to discuss how we can help you implement Sitecore Experience Manager.

Moves Content Effortlessly Between Multiple Channels

Your website is only one of the channels through which customers consume your content. You also have email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, mobile apps and more.

Sitecore Web Experience Manager removes the need to have separate content distribution systems for all of your channels.

To learn more about how we can help you optimize Sitecore Web Experience Manager for cross-channel marketing click here.

Delivers Localized Content for Customers Around the World

Does your organization have the ability to serve customers anywhere in the world? If it does, delivering content in multiple languages is a great way to increase website engagement and generate sales.

Sitecore Web Experience Manager automatically connects your website to the translation service of your choice. Translated content flows back to your website, and Sitecore displays it when appropriate. No other CMS makes content localization so easy.

Talk to our team of Sitecore experts to discuss the best way to localize your website.

Optimizes Content for All Device Types

It’s likely that mobile devices generate at least half of your website’s traffic — but the mobile industry is incredibly fragmented. Your website needs to serve iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and Windows users without skipping a beat.

Sitecore Web Experience Manager has a built-in preview mode that lets content creators see what pages will look like on any popular device. If you don’t have the time to test your content on every device, don’t worry — Sitecore detects the user’s device and modifies content as needed.

Our team would love to share some content optimization strategies with you. Click here to talk to a Sitecore expert today

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