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  1. Introduction to Programmatic Advertising
  2. Targeting Makes Programmatic Marketing Effective
  3. Making Intelligent Marketing Decisions
  4. Programmatic Marketing Fights Fraud

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Introduction to Programmatic Advertising

Explore how Programmatic advertising has the potential to cost less and produce better results than traditional advertising.

Making Intelligent Marketing Decisions

Learn how you can use your analytics platform to tune your campaigns for better returns.

Targeting Makes Programmatic Marketing Effective

Learn about benefits of programmatic marketing and how your marketing platform can deliver targeted personalized messages.

Programmatic Marketing Fights Fraud

Learn more about how programmatic marketing fights fraud on your website.


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TA Digital resources quickly got onboard with us. Their ability to deliver key project features in a timely manner increased Capella’s confidence levels in the team rather quickly. We have been witnessing a lot of value additions provided by TA Digital’s technical resources. Overall, it has been a great engagement and we are very much looking forward to our upcoming long-term engagement with them.
Director, Capella University


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