Our team of specialists can help you accelerate your sales cycle.

Make Meaningful Connections

Salesforce Pardot allows you to engage your customers across the entire journey with the most relevant messages to increase your lifecycle velocity.

With TA Digital as your trusted advisor, we can help you: 

  • Intelligently nurture all segments of your audience
  • Dynamically populate messages with highly personalized content
  • Quantify propensity to buy and route qualified leads only when they’re ready to talk. 
  • Simplify cross-channel campaign management
  • Optimize your campaign automation
  • Improve upon your personalization approach
  • Demonstrate your impact on revenue
  • Give your customers a seamless experience

Understand Marketing’s Impact on Revenue

Tie lead-based interactions to opportunities and closed won deals to demonstrate the return on marketing investment. 

By tracking each interaction at the lead and contact level, we’ll help you to understand what channels work and which ones don’t so you can optimize your marketing spend and increase effectiveness. This data-driven approach allows your team to drive more impact without inflating your budget.


Orchestrate & Automate Across Channels

Orchestrate your inbound and outbound channels within Pardot to provide each customer with a tailored experience, regardless of the platform, medium or channel. 



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