Adobe Experience Manager

As a Platinum Partner, we drive innovative digital experiences through an award-winning methodology that’s delivered for hundreds of clients.

Empower Your Brand

We have one of the largest and deepest Adobe-certified digital consulting teams in the world. Regardless of your industry or sector, we’ll help you create a robust Adobe Experience Cloud platform that lets you manage every aspect of your customer experience across all digital channels.

AEM lets you build a cohesive, memorable brand experience and tell your customers a consistent story across all properties and channels. You can also allow partners and affiliates to use your approved assets through central asset management.

Customized Experiences

You can customize website content, mobile experiences, landing pages, and store pages based on previous interactions with your company, responses to email and social media campaigns, purchase history, previous pages viewed, and many other factors.

AEM also streamlines the workflow for deploying a website that supports many languages by displaying the relevant translated version of the page based on the user’s geographic location.


Site Assets and Marketing Campaigns

Our team of experts can set up a central repository of approved assets you can retrieve and incorporate into your site and in advertisements. From one interface, you can create campaigns, approve campaigns your partners set up, and deploy campaigns to the channels of your choice.


Cloud Strategy

AEM Cloud is a game-changer for AEM customers as it delivers on the cloud promise while allowing maximum flexibility. But getting to the cloud has many pathways, and it’s not always easy to understand what would work best for you.

TA Digital can help with our Cloud Migration assessment service. Our team can help you understand your readiness for the Cloud and what work is required to get there. We can help you develop a plan and execute with the highest quality, getting your platform modernized to the Cloud.


Headless Content-as-a-Service

AEM offers a robust content management capability that can be delivered as a headless service through GraphQL, giving your teams the agility they require while providing best-in-class authoring and content management.

You don’t have to compromise business value with headless. We can help you deliver the best of both technical and business value.



AEM provides a rich shopping experience with dynamic media. You can even take advantage of native smartphone features, like the camera and GPS, to serve up mobile shopping experiences that behave like installed apps.

You can also increase average order values by intelligently offering targeted upsells that are highly likely to convert.



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