Why You Should be Excited About the AEM 6.5 Release

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Lokesh BS

By Lokesh Shivalingaiah

Vice President, Data and Enterprise Architecture

We live in an era where consumers value experiences more than products. Customer experience has become the key differentiator for any organization and brands are aware that content is the fuel that propels every brand-customer interaction. Adobe Experience Manager empowers organizations to innovate, optimize and deliver content be it web pages or digital assets. With its new version, Adobe Experience Manager brings together a host of new features and enhancements.

AEM 6.5 will help organizations build their customer experience journey and deliver the right content to users in a smarter and faster way. It is mainly focused on four areas:

  • Content Velocity
  • Fluid Experiences
  • Experiences Intelligence
  • Cloud Agility

With Adobe Summit around the corner, let’s shift the spotlight on the features coming in 6.5 version

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AEM Sites

Extension towards “Headless CMS”

AEM is moving towards a ‘Headless CMS’ approach to improve flexibility and help organizations reuse and distribute content across multi channels. The enhanced flexibility will also help IT teams to be more creative in using AEM with various systems and frameworks.

SPA Integration

  • Enables to build experiences with SPA frameworks like AngularJS and ReactJS.
  • SPA Editor which helps in-context editing, configuration and manage the layout experiences

Content API

  • Delivery of structured AEM content over direct content API, broadening AEM support of headless CMS scenarios
  • HTTP REST API which outputs in JSON format for Content Fragment Delivery

Core Components

These are a set of standardized components to accelerate the creation of a new site or extend an existing site in AEM. These components are production-ready that are configurable and very easy to customize if required.



Experience Fragment export to Adobe Target

Experience Fragments created in AEM can now be exported to Adobe Target in either HTM or JSON formats and used in driving Target activities. This lets you combine the ease-of-use and power of AEM, with the powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities in Target.

Content Fragments DIFF View & Annotations

Content Fragments in AEM 6.5 haven been made more powerful by adding editorial content governance. Now, content can be reviewed across versions with a side-by-side view to check the differences. Another new enhancement is the ability to annotate text in the Content Fragment editor.



Translation Enhancements

Efficiency has been increased for content translation with AEM through automation and improved third party integration. Below are some key enhancements:

  • Auto-approve translation jobs
  • Auto-delete translation launches
  • Allow translation projects to use AEM project masters
  • Allow updating translated pages with updates in 3rd-party Translation Memory
  • Allow exporting translation jobs in JSON format

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AEM Assets

Adobe is constantly making efforts to integrate all of their platforms especially Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud. Below are the features added in AEM 6.5 to ensure better and seamless integration.

Adobe Asset Link

Asset links helps integration between Photoshop, InDesign and Adobe Illustrator and AEM, which helps creative teams and marketing teams in their asset production and distribution process. Below are some features:

  • Navigate, Use and Edit assets from AEM directly within Creative Cloud desktop apps.
  • Check out/in assets stored in AEM Assets directly from PS, ID and AI into CC Assets.
  • Ingest new assets to AEM directly from CC apps.

Dynamic Media + Sensei

Adobe Sensei is Adobe’s AI platform. The company is integrating Adobe Sensei with many of their platforms to make use of its AI capabilities. ML/AI extended to video for:

  • Smart Video Crop – Automatically re-crop a video to new aspect ratios while preserving the points of interest (POIs) inside that video.
  • Best Frame Selection – Automatically recommending optimal thumbnails when customers upload a video.
  • Video Smart Tags – Automatically add suggested tags based on the video’s content.

smart gif


User Experience Enhancements

One of the big changes would be the new permissions management tool in touch UI. There are quite a lot more features added to AEM Assets. Some of these include:

  • Enhanced AEM Desktop App
  • Adobe Stock Integration
  • Remote DAM for Sites Authoring
  • Brand Portal Enhancements for Asset Distribution and Asset Sourcing
  • Dynamic Search Facets

AEM Forms

AEM Forms will also include several key enhancements. Some of these would be:

  • Enhanced Adobe Sign Integration
  • Core Forms components to support Single Page Application (SPA) in AEM Sites
  • Support new use-cases with Interactive Communications using charts etc
  • Simplified workflow authoring.

TA Digital is privileged to be part of the AEM 6.5 beta program and have early access to explore these features.

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