Unraveling the Confusion Surrounding SAP C/4HANA

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By Joseph Brannon

Vice President, Commerce

SAP Commerce Cloud and its products were recently rebranded to deliver a unified suite of cloud solutions under the name of SAP C/4HANA. As a part of the rebranding, SAP integrated all aspects of the suite into a centralized user interface to provide a single view of the customer.

However, there was often confusion amongst the SAP customer base.

At TA Digital we are NOT confused. Over the years, we have helped enterprises navigate the SAP suite of cloud solutions to transform their businesses with the power and efficiency of a single platform that offers customers the experience they demand and gives business a 360-degree, singular view of their customers.

SAP C/4HANA is a cloud-based customer experience and ecommerce platform that consists of five core component applications: SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud, and SAP Service Cloud.

It is expected to revolutionize the CRM market by combining front-office CRM and marketing automation applications with back-end transactional ERP systems. These applications are integrated via SAP Cloud Platform and embedded with machine learning and AI. SAP C/4HANA also integrates with SAP HANA Data Management Suite to allow customers to collect and analyze data from various sources.

This combination of applications helps organizations to gain a 360-degree view of their customers. It also allows companies to gather insights and make decisions throughout the entire sales process, from identifying prospects to fulfillment and payment.

SAP blog infographic

SAP C/4HANA competes with Salesforce’s SaaS CRM application. In addition, it also competes with other prominent CRM systems vendors, including Oracle and Microsoft.

SAP Commerce Cloud:

SAP Commerce Cloud is a comprehensive yet flexible omnichannel platform for B2B and B2C companies. It offers a wide variety of functions for classic product sales, such as multi-level versions, sets and bundles, and a wealth of predefined promotions. In combination with SAP Marketing Cloud or SAP Commerce Cloud Profiles, it also contains comprehensive analytics functions in real-time for a 360-degree view of your customers. The solution helps you to present products and services in their best light. Use the SAP Commerce Cloud to offer your customers a consistent cross-channel shopping experience and strengthen customer loyalty.

SAP Marketing Cloud

The SAP Marketing Cloud provides you with detailed customer information in real-time, allowing you to understand your customers better and personalize your approach on all channels throughout the entire customer journey. This increases conversion rates and boosts customer loyalty.

SAP Marketing Cloud provides businesses a 360-degree view of their customers, helping them understand their motives and needs. All the relevant signals from customers are recognized in real-time, and the associated purchase intentions are recorded across channels. The SAP Marketing Cloud uses this data to continually update an all-round profile for existing as well as potential customers. This profile includes data on customers’ interests and buying preferences, their past buying behavior, and forecasts of possible future purchases. The solution records customers’ browsing patterns, which websites and apps they use, and whether they are more likely to contact a call center or sales personnel.

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SAP Service Cloud:

Rich with standard functionality, all of which is built on SAP’s Fiori responsive user interface, the product can cater to any service requirement, whether it be B2C, B2B, or internal employee support scenarios.

The configuration is quick and easy, which helps reduce lead times for building a basic solution. Also, businesses are not forced to sign up to lengthy and costly license agreements. Instead, they are required to pay a subscription fee based on the number of active users.

The Comprehensive Ticket Management functionality provides unmatched flexibility in recording and resolving service requests. Moreover, standard pre-packaged integration content between Service Cloud and SAP ECC enables front-office and back-office processes to tie up seamlessly. Businesses can realize huge value in this area, especially when it comes to handling field service scenarios; a work ticket in SAP Service Cloud can include information such as spare parts consumption and expenses recorded against it, all of which can then drive stock and financial processes in back-end SAP ECC as standard.

SAP’s Fiori UI is highly user-friendly, simple, and intuitive, ensuring high user adoption, in contrast to older legacy systems that are over-engineered, cluttered, and require extensive training to navigate successfully.

Furthermore, SAP offers a Service Cloud mobile app for Android and iOS, which, once configured (which takes moments), fully mobilizes your workforce enabling field agents to receive, amend, and complete assignments while on the move, all in real-time.

SAP Sales Cloud:

SAP Cloud for Sales is a cloud-based suite of sales-centric applications from SAP. Cloud for Sales offers applications for sales force automation, sales collaboration, sales enablement, and predictive analytics.

SAP Cloud for Sales is built on SAP’s Hana Cloud platform and integrates with SAP’s online and on-premise solutions. This allows businesses to integrate with legacy systems such as SAP ERP and SAP CRM. Cloud for Sales also offers mobile applications, enabling reps to access customer data and sales enablement content while in the field. The app allows users to work with colleagues on documents, keeps a tab on the competition, and access product and pricing information. Users can share sales best practices and information in the context of specific accounts and opportunities.

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SAP offers industry-specific editions of Cloud for Sales across verticals, including manufacturing, high tech, insurance, utilities, and banking. Support is offered via an online forum, chat, email, and phone.

SAP Customer Data Cloud:

SAP Customer Data Cloud includes SAP Customer Identity, SAP Customer Profile solutions, and SAP Customer Consent. At a time when consumers demand increased transparency over how their data is used, SAP Customer Data Cloud is the only cloud platform that makes it possible by connecting the front office to the back office.

SAP Customer Data Cloud provides marketers the opportunity to seek permissions about customers’ preferences. Once customers authorize the use of their personal data, they are more inclined to allow that data to be used for delivering personalized content and services, thereby improving their experience.

Trust is the key currency in today’s digital economy. To successfully connect with the customer, organizations need to identify and engage consumers across channels and understand them better without invading their privacy.

SAP Customer Data Cloud helps organizations increase customer retention and boost brand loyalty by providing a flexible, transparent, and secure digital experience. SAP Customer Data Cloud helps businesses address regional consumer privacy laws, including GDPR, by centrally capturing and synchronizing preferences in accordance with regulations across the digital SAP technology stack throughout the customer lifecycle.

TA Digital has the experience and SAP-certified resources to help companies transform their business and harness the power of the entire SAP C/4HANA suite of solutions.

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