The Top 6 Things You Need to Know About Adobe Analytics Cloud

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Lokesh BS

By Lokesh Shivalingaiah

Vice President, Data and Enterprise Architecture

Like most digital marketing executives, you revel in customer data. The Information Age’s free access to feedback empowers you to make smart moves that drive successful campaigns. Of course, you still have to use the data correctly.

Adobe Analytics Cloud, or AAC, is an intelligence engine that gives you the perspective you need to draw conclusions and power experiences. Here’s how this highly capable toolkit functions and six of the critical things you need to know about using it for your marketing practices.

An Introduction to Adobe Analytics Cloud

Adobe Analytics Cloud is more than just a business intelligence powerhouse. In addition to including tools that gather and organize data from multiple sources and use predictive analysis to create accurate views of consumers, it helps you put insights to work in a few key ways.

AAC Makes Analytics Accessible

Advanced statistics aren’t always easy to comprehend. No matter how intelligent your coworkers are, presenting seemingly random business data and asking them to connect the dots isn’t a very productive way to communicate your point.

Adobe Analytics Cloud makes enterprise-level marketing analytics more accessible to professionals of all disciplines. By conversing about critical information in a common language using interactive charts, customizable dashboards and contextualized data, AAC lets you spread understanding and establish shared enterprise goals.

Using AAC Leads to Precise Segmentation

Segmentation demands accuracy, especially when it serves as the basis for business decisions. You may occasionally get lucky with predefined segments, but to forge authentic connections, you’ll need definitions that adapt.

Adobe Analytics Cloud progressively hones its image of your consumers. It frees your ideas to evolve so that you can discover valuable new audiences, channels and outreach techniques.

AAC Lets You Target in Real Time

When’s the ideal time to activate new marketing strategies? If you wait too long, then the information that you’re acting upon may lose relevance. Many marketers, however, encounter game-stopping challenges when they try to implement insights with software that just can’t satisfy the demand for instant reactions.

Adobe designed Analytics Cloud to make this issue a thing of the past. Now, it’s possible to employ smart targeting tools to make data-aware changes as soon as the insights become available. Even better, Adobe’s automation features let you enact new strategies and campaigns automatically.

You Can Engage in Next-generation Attribution

Which factors shape your marketing ROI? As consumer journeys grow lengthier and span a growing array of channels, it’s vital that you draw accurate conclusions to give your responses more efficacy.

With AAC, you don’t have to settle for analytical fuzziness or place your faith in black box attribution. This platform delivers an unhindered objective view of the complete customer journey. Whether you’re tracking someone across channels, following them between devices or trying to understand their passage through third-party platforms, Adobe Analytics Cloud’s attribution keeps up.

Six Things That You Can Accomplish With Analytics Cloud

Analytics accessibility, superior segmentation, timely targeting and advanced attribution are all well and good, but what do they mean for your organization? These are just some of the things AAC can do that most other tools can’t handle.

     1. Grow Audiences With Customer Intelligence

Before you can deliver what your consumers want, you need to understand their desires. AAC lets you piece data together across different channels to understand people’s interactions with your brand as a whole instead of missing the forest for the trees.

With the ability to see in all directions at any given moment, Adobe Analytics paints a 360-degree view of each consumer. Its predictive modeling means that you never have to wait for people to take action to know which way they’re leaning. You can provide seemingly magical responses and content that grows audiences by pleasing users.

Since you’re always capturing data from multiple sources to build a better understanding, you can make decisions that go beyond expanding your consumer base: AAC helps you cultivate audiences that you can profit from.

     2. Build a Solid Digital Foundation

Your analytics tools power more than major marketing decisions. They also inform the way you interact with consumers on a regular basis when you’re not advertising. With Adobe Analytics Cloud as a foundation, you can make a stronger foothold for building customer experiences, tying third-party data into your business intelligence and delivering content to market.

AAC’s integration with Adobe products like Experience Manager and Target make this the perfect starting point for establishing something bigger than your current project or campaign. Since Analytics Cloud lets you use and generate shared data across any touchpoint or stage of the consumer voyage, you can use it to react in real time while maintaining uniform, channel-agnostic standards.

     3. Acquire More Customers in Less Time

Marketing to a single digital channel isn’t exactly a self-sustaining undertaking. Instead, you need to supercharge your growth so that you can break through the limitations of your existing marketing plan. With AAC, you get to capture more of the data that increases your powers of customer attraction, so your outreach strategy receives an instant boost.

Adobe Analytics Cloud learns from sources like social media posts, blogs, your website and the devices that your consumers use to stay engaged. After creating profiles, it programmatically deploys omnichannel ads that are relevant to your segments. Since you can test, optimize and target without lifting a finger, you get to discover what works faster and apply it right away to attract and nurture consumers.

     4. Make the Most of Your Ad Inventory

Your ad inventory is quite the commodity. AAC helps you convince marketers of its worth by handing you the data that you need to hone its efficiency and prove that your strategies work.

With Analytics Cloud, you can group your data based on customer profiles, segments and a host of detailed variables to place a justifiable price tag on your audience reach. Abilities like the power to measure engagement, personalize your content deployment and target segments on demand mean that instead of trying to sell marketers on promises and potential, you can deliver proven-value segments. What’s more, you can use Adobe Audience Marketplace to sell and share data complete with distribution rules and compliance guidelines that suit your mission goals.

     5. Activate and Grow Your Audience

Adobe Analytics Cloud gets a lot of things done, but one of the most earthshaking is the way it helps you deliver content and automate marketing. Since the platform is smart enough to draw accurate insights from raw data, it’s also capable of making decisions based on its conclusions and the directives that you establish.

When you’re marketing across channels, space and time, it’s all too easy to miss a beat or let an opportunity slip from your grasp. AAC’s enhanced activation capabilities guarantee that you don’t have to watch your data like a hawk to respond at the right moments. By using information to define unified segments and track individuals anywhere, it helps you keep consumers interested.

     6. Engage Audiences With Stunning Mobile Apps

Mobile apps need to be different to make their mark in an ecosystem that runs rife with competition. Since it’s impossible to anticipate every behavioral quirk that might contribute to a given app’s eventual success or failure, Adobe Analytics Cloud helps you understand the data in context.

When you can test versions and features at will, you begin to see how usage and interest evolve over time. If you can publish once and deploy anywhere, then you can cut out the noise that makes it hard to get a clear view of user behavior.

AAC makes your app development process truly results-oriented. Even if you don’t hit the mark right away, you’ll have less of a hard time getting there.

Implement Accessible, Precise, Real-time Analytics Practices

You’ve worked hard to make your organization worthy of notice. When people finally start getting engaged, why should a lack of knowledge stop you from capitalizing on their attention?

Adobe Analytics Cloud can transform analytics from a laborious business process into a routine practice that makes your job as a marketing exec blindingly simple. Almost anyone can use it to come to intelligent, rewarding conclusions. You just have to find a partner that can help you reach the right ones.

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