Realize the Full Potential of Salesforce’s Game-Changing AI-Powered Platform

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Scott Kirkpatrick

By Scott Kirkpatrick

Director, Salesforce

On the opening day of Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce came out of the gate red-hot with the introduction of Einstein 1, the company’s game-changing artificial intelligence (AI) platform for the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce co-founder and CTO Parker Harris declared, “Now, with Data Cloud and Einstein AI native on the Einstein 1 platform, companies can easily create AI-powered apps and workflows that supercharge productivity, reduce costs, and deliver amazing customer experiences.”

While he was certainly speaking to a receptive audience, it was obvious even to those more skeptical that there was much more than hype to this iteration of the Salesforce AI story.

One thing the prognosticator class can agree on is that generative AI, combined with a now mature version of predictive AI, is prepared to be a major disruptive force in customer engagement and employee productivity. On the heels of an announcement of this magnitude, the question often turns to, “Where do I begin?”

What Is Salesforce Einstein 1?

As touted by Salesforce, Einstein 1 is a CRM platform that delivers AI-powered predictions and generated content. It provides conversational UI for AI in every app or workflow, delivered on an extensible and trusted suite of builders for customizing prompts, skills, and models on the metadata-driven Salesforce platform.

Built on the Einstein Trust Layer, it enables you to benefit from AI without introducing risk, juggling different AI vendors, or locking yourself into one model provider. CRM and Data Cloud data enrich and provide context to Einstein 1 for more accurate and relevant outputs:

Realize the Full Potential of Salesforce’s Game-Changing AI-Powered Platform Image 1

Source: Salesforce

While it may not be obvious by the graphic above, conversational AI assistants known as Copilots (think ChatGPT) reside in each of the core clouds with the predictive and generative lifting being done within Data Cloud and Einstein. The Einstein Trust Layer is, as the name implies, the two-way filtering solution that makes this a trusted method of interacting with LLMs and other tools of AI.

The graphic below explains in more detail how the Trust Layer ensures that the data remains yours and only yours, while leveraging all the power of non-toxic GPT:

Realize the Full Potential of Salesforce’s Game-Changing AI-Powered Platform Image 2

Source: Salesforce

So, Where Do I Begin?

At TA Digital, our clients lean into us as a trusted advisor to break down complex business challenges into manageable building blocks for consideration and adoption. In response to the Salesforce announcement above and the corresponding needs of our clients, TA Digital is introducing the Einstein 1 Readiness Accelerator.

This three-week program is a rapid but robust approach to delivering the assessment, benchmarking, and road mapping required to realize the full potential of Einstein 1.

Realize the Full Potential of Salesforce’s Game-Changing AI-Powered Platform Image 3

As highlighted in the graphic above, the accelerator focuses on the assessment and benchmarking of five key dimensions of change impacted by Einstein 1, resulting in a custom-fit roadmap optimized to your distinct North Star.

We begin by examining the desired impact of Einstein 1 on your strategy and customer journeys. This includes assessing which needles to move, the risk-benefit tradeoff, the governance model, and clear measures of success — keeping with the old axiom, if you can’t measure it, you can’t predict it.

From a journey perspective, we’ll look at customer and employee engagement opportunities enabled by Einstein 1 and the corresponding use cases (both predictive and generative) to consider. We’ll help you identify the low-hanging fruit and high-return options to form your Readiness Accelerator North Star.

With that foundation in place, we move on to the machinery that enables this new digital superpower: data tech. We assess and benchmark traditional data concepts (hygiene, governance, security, residency, integration, etc.), but through a new lens centered on the principles of connect, harmonize, and unify. We also examine a wide array of AI data concepts, including:

  • Large Language Model (LLM) management
  • Predictive capability
  • Data masking
  • Prompt defense
  • Toxicity
  • Zero retention

We aren’t the first and won’t be the last to share this message, but nothing moves forward on the Einstein AI front without a well-executed data tech plan. With that in mind, we’ll develop a comprehensive data roadmap that takes into consideration all of the above.

While people change is often called the soft side of change, it is certainly the most challenging.  Unfortunately for generative AI, media reports have created additional headwinds with their scare-mongering pieces about AI replacing the workforce.

We find this to be an inaccurate portrayal of the impact (and lazy analysis) but removing that fear from your team is an important first step in the change plan we’ll develop. We’ll also assess the large number of new digital-first skillsets that are required of your team, including:

  • Prompt writing
  • Validating the safety and trust of AI output
  • Adaptability to a dynamic process
  • Analytical thinking

It should come as no surprise that a culture of experimentation and empowerment is a critical success factor in sustained adoption and will be a consideration in your roadmap.

Last but certainly not least is the dimension of process change. Leveraging Einstein 1 to its fullest requires a paradigm shift from tightly scripted, carefully managed processes to those that are largely dynamic. These next-generation processes are constantly adapting to customer interactions and insights, driven by the underlying AI models and Copilot guidance.

As part of this effort, we’ll assess the digital-first nature of your processes and develop a maturity roadmap to ensure they are Einstein 1-enabled for both your customers and your team.

The Bottom Line

TA Digital is a Salesforce Summit-tier, Global Agency Alliance partner with a multitude of artificial intelligence successes and certifications. Leveraging those experiences, our specialists created this accelerator to maximize your return on this Einstein 1 journey.

Schedule a call with our Salesforce team to get started!

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