Four Top Reasons Marketing Executives Love Sitecore

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By Sitecore Practice Team

The 4 Top Reasons Marketing Executives Can’t Get Enough of Sitecore

Your organizational success depends on the way you relate to consumers, and direct customer service interactions aren’t the only events you need to refine. Every single aspect of your outreach, sales and service processes demand perfection, so customer experience management should be high on your task list. How will you hone the way you relate to those who patronize you and drive your growth?

When it comes to customer experience platforms, Sitecore is an obvious choice for many Digital Marketing Executives. As the recipient of praise from Microsoft, Gartner, Forrester Research and other industry observers, this tool set is endowed with many impressive capabilities. Here are four of the most popular benefits for marketing executives who depend on Sitecore on a daily basis.

The Characteristics That Set Sitecore Apart

Experience management software varies widely, but it should always be flexible enough to accommodate your unique mission. Sitecore is highly configurable, but you may be interested in some of its out-of-the-box aspects.

1. Marketers Get Best-in-class Content Management Capabilities

Content management systems, or CMSes, are essential to marketers who want to deliver complete experiences. You want to present a unified journey instead of subjecting consumers to disjointed interactions with individual aspects of your brand footprint. To accomplish this, you need to construct a narrative that’s robust enough to hold up under scrutiny and survive as people view it through the lenses of different devices and platforms. Sitecore includes an exemplary web content management, or WCM, system that’s tailor-made for the purpose.

The Sitecore WCM features native support for the major functionalities that make your content more engaging. By maintaining separation between the content that you publish and the tools that you use to present it, Sitecore lets you deploy campaign materials consistently no matter whether you’re targeting computers, mobile devices, print ads or point-of-sale terminals. You don’t even have to deal with reformatting the content for different display sizes because the WCM handles it for you.

Want to kick off a dialogue with users in a new country? There’s no need to recreate your content. You can natively integrate translation services and implement custom governance processes to adhere to local laws. You can also share the same content across different sites for instant branding consistency.

Sitecore WCM is device-agnostic and fast.

Although it’s possible to target specific devices for optimization, you can just as easily leave the details up to the automatic platform detection and geolocation engines to customize each experience based on the user’s location and hardware. Define your own custom rules, deploy, and get your site working in weeks instead of months with intelligent content serving and straightforward drag-and-drop design interfaces.

2. You Can Take Personalization Capacity for Granted

Sure, you’ve created enticing content, but your work has just begun. Not all marketing materials are optimally suited to all users, and it’s important to know the difference between impactful and weak forms of outreach. Although many platforms force you to dig through seemingly endless data to identify trends that might help you frame your message more effectively, Sitecore grants you the power to personalize experiences from the very start.

Sitecore’s Experience Platform, or XP, delivers contextualized experiences in real time. Instead of struggling to predetermine a best-fit experience or interaction path, you can react to events on the spot to provide more appropriate content that has a higher likelihood of satisfying your customers’ needs. For instance, Sitecore XP can understand data like

  • Which referring sites and countries visits originated from,
  • How visits might relate to social media interactions,
  • The content consumed by a user and the information they provided, such as search queries, and
  • Which events might have prompted visits.

Sitecore XP also features an Experience Database, or xDB, that lets you bring the big guns to bear on difficult problems. If you’ve been collecting consumer data from your own CRM or want to use third-party sources, such as IP look ups, xDB has the power to incorporate external information into its decision-making process. Even better, it uses a fast MongoDB NoSQL implementation to ensure that your business reacts at lightning speed and keep your data scalable.

Personalization is a matter of catering to the individual, so you shouldn’t have to settle for rote methodologies.

With XP, you can personalize experiences to reflect the results of A/B and multivariate testing, which makes it easier to devise ideal custom solutions. Or you can define content delivery rules based on events like page interactions and factors like a user’s physical location to get started with more general outreach.

Maybe you’re still unsure about what kind of content to show a particular consumer. XP helps you out by offering adaptive pattern-card matching that provides an intelligent best match. With historical personalization, you can use previous sessions to decide which content to serve. The platform’s journey-based option lets you plan out complete journeys to help advance visitors towards specific goals, like conversions and engagement. In the end, there’s no shortage of strategies for making your personalization as functional and adaptable as possible.

3. Advertisers Get to Know Their Customers Better Than Ever Before

Gathering data is easy, but putting it all together to paint a picture of a segment can seem like an impossible challenge. To know which consumer interactions bear meaningful worth, you need to understand how they originated. Sitecore XP is contextualized, meaning that it reacts to what customers are doing at any given instant but also accounts for their prior histories with your brand.

XP and xDB work to aggregate data from every possible origin. Then, they use the knowledge that they gather to show you the bigger picture. Instead of making you complete Herculean labors to draw insights from distinct sources, these tools give you a single stable repository and practical view tools that cut through the confusion and empower accurate conclusions.

With Sitecore, you don’t have to put the puzzle pieces together because XP does it for you. It analyzes the worth of different experiences using the benchmarks and objectives that you provide as standards and delivers an easy-to-understand score that instantly informs you about which channels need attention. It also tracks visitor paths to teach you how real-world interactions unfold. Once you’ve gotten a better idea of the dynamics, you can test and optimize experience elements until your methodology is perfect.

4. You Can Achieve Digital Maturity

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if your experience management program is still finding its way, but it can’t remain in its infancy forever. Sitecore’s three-phase Customer Experience Maturity Model helps you get beyond those first shaky baby steps and move towards the ultimate goal of any marketing program: Self-sustaining revenue growth.

Sitecore is built around an Attract, Convert, Advocate system designed to push your organization forward. By viewing your experience management program as part of a larger journey, you gain the power to use every customer interaction as a stepping stone towards your inevitable expansion.

Profitability is one of the most obvious reasons to engage with audiences, but Sitecore helps you think about bigger things, like getting people to advocate for your brand and spread word of mouth. Other experience management tools simply manage campaigns. This one contributes to your lasting organizational success.

How Can Your Company Succeed With Sitecore?

Though Sitecore has many advantages, using them isn’t just a matter of installing the app and becoming an overnight success story. You have to work to obtain any of the platform’s benefits and build a sustainable operating model. Can you honestly say that you’re ready to redefine your outreach strategies from the ground up?

Fortunately, it doesn’t matter whether you’re prepared to make the leap because TA Digital is. We have the Sitecore and consumer experience management expertise that you need to build a system that increases the relevance of not only your content but also your brand as a whole.

Find out why so many digital marketing executives are as passionate about working with TA Digital as they are about integrating Sitecore into their business processes. Chat with a Sitecore consultant today about building a more capable customer experience program.

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