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Lokesh BS

By Lokesh Shivalingaiah

Vice President, Data and Enterprise Architecture

Are you tasked with making critical choices about the audience management tools and methods that determine your corporate future? There are armies of options for outreach segmentation, which makes it extremely hard to identify the best way to capitalize on digital channels. Time and again, established companies, industry observers and startups choose Adobe Audience Manager, or AAM.

AAM boasts features that other data management platforms, or DMPs, simply lack or overlook. Here are some of the ways this tool can help you master the art of cross-channel marketing.

Getting to Know AAM

Adobe designed AAM as a comprehensive solution to many of the problems that today’s marketing professionals routinely face. For instance, it caters to marketers who want to derive greater revenues from their activities. By allowing advertisers to engage with shoppers via unified profiles and views that transform data into actionable initiatives, Audience Manager facilitates more lucrative branding actions.

AAM also suits publishers seeking to sell their audiences to marketers. Instead of simply dealing in impressions, they can provide access to targeted consumers along with the segmentation data that makes them valuable. Those who buy data might be willing to pay a premium for the complete package, which could give your firm significant new revenue streams.

AAM Helps You Reach a More Capable State

From Lenovo to Princess Cruises and Condé Nast, brands around the world rely on this DMP to make their outreach activities more worthwhile. In addition to being a full-featured tool, it lends itself to effortless customization and integration.

Empower User Targeting With Profiles

DMPs work best when you can apply the knowledge they produce to solve real-world problems. With AAM, you get to create unique profiles and use them to engage in marketing activities that target specific users or groups. What’s more, these profiles can be anonymous or authenticated, so it’s easy to go from data-based theoretical models to practical, fine-tuned outreach.

Create Personalized, Cross-channel Experiences

If any one characteristic defines the modern consumer, it’s their refusal to sit still. From phones and tablets to point-of-sale mall kiosks and smart TVs, people want to interact with your brand when and where they please. They also love being able to engage seamlessly no matter how often they switch platforms.

AAM makes it easy to follow individual users across devices without having to do the manual legwork, so you can ensure that the ideal personalized customer experience persists anywhere. When it’s time to reach out and share your story, you can do so uniformly across channels to keep your messaging on track.

Use Deterministic Data to Build Device Graphs

How can you predict when consumers will be ready to connect on social media, subscribe or make purchases? While you can take a probabilistic approach and hazard educated guesses, deterministic analysis grants you increased certainty.

AAM takes deterministic data to the next level by building detailed graphs that clarify the exact progression of your typical sales relationship with a consumer. You can zoom in on the details to discover exactly how people interact during their journeys through your branded content, which helps you highlight choice moments to engage specific users. Or you can examine the bird’s-eye view to highlight critical trends and plan larger initiatives.

Rework and Refine Segment Data to Match Distinct Profiles

As your marketing plan and audiences evolve, so will your segments. AAM helps you make adjustments that reflect different profiles to prevent you from getting stuck with an audience development road map that doesn’t quite match your marketing landscape. It also lets you segment based on a diverse range of criteria so that you can examine the data from all sides and angles or isolate and investigate interesting events.

Gain and Leverage Intimate Familiarity With Your Audiences

To market successfully, you must understand what makes your target demographics special. AAM is filled with extra insights that elucidate what you’re up against. Even better, it learns from experience with small groups to help you build lookalike models that are perfect guides for outreach on a larger scale.

Form Accurate, 360-degree Profiles

With AAM, you never fall prey to tunnel vision. You can combine profiles from different channels, campaigns or devices to eliminate your blind spots and gain a more accurate comprehension of those you wish to serve. Merge profiles to build ideal models, or do so to refine your understanding of individual consumers and deliver marketing materials that produce stronger impacts.

Use More Data While Keeping People Secure

AAM’s gathering and association capabilities are just the tip of a Big Data iceberg. When you create profiles, you can do so anonymously to protect your users’ data and avoid biases. You can also import raw or formatted data sets from a CRM or first-, second- and third-party sources to further your knowledge without having to host personally identifiable information, more commonly known as PII.

AAM even takes care of cross-brand cooperation. Adobe Device Co-op makes it easy to partner with other brands inside of Audience Manager, so why not paint a complete image of your customers’ behaviors? You can even sell data safely using Audience Marketplace Prospect to contribute to healthier marketing ecosystems.

Build Rules That Drive Actions

Devising strategies or guidelines to keep your outreach as responsive as possible is one thing. Implementing them consistently is another. In the face of thousands of data points and changing consumer desires, many advertisers find it exceedingly difficult to follow through.

With AAM, you can keep your activities on target by defining complex rules based on known data sets, established behavioral patterns or custom goals. This capability makes it a lot simpler to build a truly responsive organization that follows through without prompting when it’s time to take decisive action.

Engineer Novel Solutions That Grow as Quickly as You Can Succeed

With AAM, you’re not stuck with what Adobe offers. Although it’s true that you receive an awesome set of features right from the start, you can expand them whenever you deem it necessary. Thanks to Audience Manager’s API framework, it’s possible to craft your own extensions and integrations that ensure your entire outreach engine retains its flexibility.

Need to scale an existing solution? Tie it into AAM to ensure that it continues to expand with your rapidly growing audiences. Want to create something entirely new without losing sight of the operating standards and custom consumer IDs that you’ve established through years of hard work? Build it around AAM to keep it from becoming too static when the time is ripe for change. No matter what kind of workflow you prefer, Audience Manager lets you execute it intelligently and efficiently.

Conduct One-click Outreach

You won’t always have the time to make in-depth decisions about how to activate your data. Unfortunately, the situations where you find yourself in a crunch often coincide with events that make it critical to take action.

With AAM’s Data Export Controls, you get the freedom to predefine the situations that should result in your information’s activation and delegate the decision-making to the machines. From there, you can take responsible, pre-approved marketing actions in a single click.

Shorten Campaign Lead Cycles

Why delay important outreach actions when time is of the essence? AAM’s direct integrations mean that maintenance is easier than ever, and since you don’t have to deal with third-party cookies, it’s simpler to implement universal changes on the fly. In short, your marketing actions generate results in real time.

Stay Compliant

AAM complies with leading industry standards and policies. You can also decide which rule sets AAM follows to honor everything from partnership agreements to international privacy laws. Why not start trading in data without worrying about whether you’re breaking the law or compromising your consumers’ trust?

Keep Everything in the Family

AAM is just one of Adobe’s many tools for strengthening your marketing game. If you use Adobe Analytics or Adobe Experience Manager to refine your strategy, you don’t even have to worry about dealing with third-parties. You can do everything in-house using native Adobe tools to deliver smoother user experiences and keep the wheels spinning in the right direction without feeling like software vendors have you over a barrel.

What Will You Gain By Switching to AAM?

One of AAM’s major strengths is that it’s designed to help you mature beyond the common practice of marketing to data points. Although information still plays a vital role in your outreach, Audience Manager associates it with real people in meaningful ways. This critical distinction gives you a chance to start targeting something far more concrete than theoretical models: Actual consumers.

Of course, AAM is just a tool. It may not guarantee your success, but it can certainly increase the odds, especially when you apply it correctly.

Working with a TA Digital expert heightens your chances of putting Adobe Audience Manager and the insights that it generates to good use. Inform your outreach decisions and audience strategies with superior, results-driven understanding. Discover how by consulting with our specialists.

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