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Inspire your customers by bringing brand, experience and commerce together with this Customer 360 Tool for SAP.

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“Successful brands are not built on perception — they are built on experiences. Applications and technology that can flex and scale elevates intelligent customer experiences.”

— Venkata Sundaragiri, SAP Practice Head

We are a tech company, which means we work on our platform. Making the customer happy is in our DNA. Nexus is an innovative solution that uses the SAP CX suite of products, merging the core SAP technologies to demonstrate unity as applied to customer experience.

Our Nexus solution, built on SAP C/4HANA, brings together customer data, experiential and operational data, and the power of intelligent technologies across sales, marketing, commerce and service to deliver engaging and trusted experiences.

Steering a business to successfully compete in the experience economy requires a unique set of solutions and innovations. Most important, it requires a different and more holistic view of the customer across the enterprise. That’s why we invented SAP Nexus.

We infused the capabilities of Qualtrics into SAP CX Portfolio by combining the X data with O data to provide a clearer understanding of the quality of a customer’s experience.

Power and Synergy

Our subject matter experts can walk you through a live and fully functional user-buying journey that touches all three cloud technologies. You can see how they work together to create differentiated, personalized and flexible customer experiences, intelligent customer profile–based marketing campaigns and trusted experiences across all channels.


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