Commerce Factory

Powered by commercetools and Acquia, Commerce Factory is the first-ever B2C and B2B eCommerce solution and the only solution on the market that’s ready to launch in 90 days.

Unlock the Path to Experiential Commerce

Unlock the Path to Experiential Commerce

Research shows that customer-centric experiences lead to higher customer lifetime value. According to Forbes, 87% of customers who say they had a great experience will make another purchase from that company.

Our fully composable innovation — Acquia’s preferred commerce solution — empowers you to own the experience and capture moments that matter with customers, providing a memorable end-to-end experience.

No Additional IT Headcount Costs
With the efficiencies provided by the “ready-to-launch” solution, your organization doesn’t need additional staff to deliver and support the website.

Productivity Savings
Our system makes it easier to create and distribute content provided by the enterprise-level CMS. With pre-built commerce components and Acquia Site Studio, your team can quickly create new pages without relying on developers.

Cost Savings
Realize the benefits of a fixed implementation cost designed to remove risk exposure and guarantee speed-to-market for a fully functional composable commerce platform, dramatically reducing TCO by millions.

Best of All Worlds
An open-source community-supported enterprise content management system (ECMS) in Drupal and the flexibility of a headless, API-based commerce platform allows extensibility into other channels. Our solutions provide complete ownership of the design, sites, and code — there is no “black-box.”

API-First Commerce Platform

The world’s leading commerce platform, commercetools is built on modern MACH principles (microservice-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless), allowing you to tailor experiences to the needs of your customers.

Key features: 

  • Guest Checkout 
  • Multi-Catalog Support
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Price Synch
  • Single-Page Checkout

Best-in-Class CMS

With Drupal on Acquia, Commerce Factory includes a free web content management framework written in PHP and backed by a large open-source community. It includes the industry’s highest and strictest security best practices, with regular audits of infrastructure security.

Key features:

  • 15 Page Elements and Product Blocks
  • Content Workflow
  • Drag & Drop Content
  • Visual Page Builder (create pages without coding)
  • WYSIWYG Editor

Mobile Optimization

Since Cyber Monday 2019, more than half of online shopping site visits have come from mobile devices, with revenue from smartphone sales reaching $2 billion a year. Commerce Factory is built for dual-mode shopping, taking the complexity out of a progressive web app experience.

Key features:

  • Cross-Platform Cart (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Designed for Speed & Simplicity
  • Enables Product Researching
  • Progressive Web Application
  • Quick Payment Methods

Commerce Factory Drives Sales Up 25%

See how we put Commerce Factory to work for Singer Corporation to improve the customer purchase journey and overall customer experience, delivering an enhanced eCommerce experience in 90 days!

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