Sitecore Marketo Connector

A website can attract few thousands to millions of visitors. All visitors have unique needs. It is required to identify those with critical needs and are looking for making an informed decision in meeting their next goal. An extremely important action while qualifying these vistors is to quantify their engagement, level of interest and committ timelines.

Our Marketo integration seamlessly integrates with Sitecore and the features we deliver help use rich user attributes and lead score of visitor/contact from Marketo in powerful rule engine of Sitecore. Addtionally marketing teams can now use the media managed from Sitecore in Marketo thus promoting the brannd across various digital channels.

The proposed component can be used by any user who wants their website to get business through automating their site using this component.

Platform: Sitecore WCM

Versions: 8

Tags: Sitecore, Marketo