Chatbot for Sitecore

Be it approving the content right from your collaboration tools or being able to query anytime from your beloved Skype about your current site analytics, Sitecore Chatbot is your best buddy to get your workdone from your favourite tools without the need to do 10s of clicks on your Enterprise CMS. It saves you a lot of time and makes it easy to collaborate with your peers for making quick decisions like workflow approvals. Preserve your chat history on your approval process as workflow comments and show your boss how much you care your work ;). Use LUIS the intelligent Azure cognitive service to ask questions like human and still get served with the results you wish to see. No more remember syntax nonsense for you.

Platform: Sitecore WCM

Versions: 8

Tags: Sitecore, Skype, Chatbot, Analytics Query, Workflow Approval, Preview Page, LUIS, Cognitive Services.