Fast Forward WCM

Fast Forward WCM

Fast Forward WCM was initiated from an idea of identifying components from different projects that can be leveraged and further set as a baseline for new and existing projects. The components under this project are generic and can be reused for any project. They have been developed, validated and tested for the latest AEM version and technologies and trends.

FastForward Components:

Smart button component

Customized Top Links Component

Alert Box Component

Form Text Component

Button Component

Link Text Image Component

News stories component

Form Options Component

Footer Component

Location Map Component

Press Releases Component

Feature Component

Header Banner Component

Tab Item Component

News Container Component

Social Share Component

Header Logo Component

Right navigation component

People Data List component

Container Component

Top Links Component

Left Navigation Component

RichText Component

Automated News From Page Component

Connect Image Component

Navigation Component

Header search

Background Image and Text Component

Text Image Component

News Pagination Component

Search Component

Product Detail

External Links component

Site Map Navigation

Slideshow Component

Specifications List

Quick links Component

Top Navigation Component

Box Component

Product List

Mapbox Component

Product Listing Component

Form Container Component


Similar Profile List Component

User Catalog History Component

Form Hidden Component

Build and Price SPA

Connect Link Component

Accordion Component

Form Button Component

Option Reference

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Technical Blog: Fast Forward Accelerator

Platform: Adobe Experience Manager

Versions: 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4

Tags: AEMAdobe Experience Manager, WCM, Starter Kit, Accelerator